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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Late Christmas Surprise

While Lauren was at her dad's this week, I worked on an extended Christmas present for her.  All through the season, she asked for a kitchen.  I kept telling her that she had one at Daddy's and one at our house, so she didn't need one.  Then, one day I was organizing the closet in the toyroom and I got an turn the closet into her kitchen.  The planned was set in motion...

Step One of the Plan - get kitchen related presents - check.  I got her an apron set, a food set and an appliance set that included a stand mixer, a coffee maker and a blender.

Step Two of the Plan - transform the closet - check.  It started like this...
Step Three of the Plan - Style it up!!! (I may have watched one too many episodes of Project Runway today).  I had a little help from Stacy Brown and only had to make one trip to Spencer to get my desired results.

Step Four of the Plan - The Reveal

I do love my girl and am so glad to be in this together with her.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas = Tired Girl

Presents with Daddy yesterday morning.  Family at our house and church last evening.  Hanging out at the Siebrecht's where Mrs. Claus delivered the jammies.  Spending the night at Grammy and Hampa's.  Presents from Mommy.  Stocking.  Presents from Grammy and Hampa and the Siebrecht's.  Playing. Nap.  Back out to Grammy and Hampa's for extended family time.  Home to cuddle with Mommy.  No wonder we have a tired girl on our hands.  That is a lot for 36 hours.

Here are the Mrs. Claus jammies (and, yes, she's pretending to pick a boogie to irritate me)...
And here are two of Lauren and Grammy working on the tradition of cinnamon rolls...

There are many, many more pictures...but they are all the way across the room.  Tired Girl = Tired Mommy!!!!  I am so glad we are in this together.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Step Toward Bigdom

She had been talking about it for a few weeks.  Daily, she asked if she could wear her pretty girl dress that was hanging in her closet with the tapping shoes.  And who can leave out, "Do I getta go to school and sing today?"

Then, today, it was finally time.  Daddy brought her up and stayed for the event.  The tights went on.  The dress went on.  The shoes went on.  The hair was brushed.  Finally, off we went to the First Hour of Power Christmas Program.

We got to the church and Little Lauren marched herself down to the basement with all the other kids to get ready by getting her angel outfit on...leaving her mommy and daddy behind.  All we could do was go upstairs and sit and wait.  We watched the church fill up.  Then, the moment was upon us...

She marched her little self in, holding Maddie's hand, ringing and singing.  The second she saw mommy and daddy, however, it was done.  She wanted to be with us.  I finally got her up with the group and she sang a little bit.  Then the big kids started passing the microphone around to say their lines, to which Lauren responded, "I WANNA TALK."  Of course she did, she is mommy's girl after all.  Then she wanted to go in the tent with the Nativity Silhouette.  What can I say.  My girl knows what she wants and she's only three.  That's why we are in this together.