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Monday, October 22, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Came across this picture of Lauren and her daddy from the Pumpkin Patch.  She is so lucky to have such an awesome dad that always had the time to do fun things with her!!!

I love it when they are together!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mommy's Dream

                           Need I say more...

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

I don't know who had been waiting for this day longer...Lauren or Mommy and Daddy.  Lauren had been talking about going to school for over a year.  Mommy and Daddy had been wanting it for her for at least that long.  She was more than ready...physically and mentally.  There were no tears or fears - on either side.  We had to slow her down on the way in so we could get some pictures.  Then, she went in and sat down and started threading some beads like she had done this every day of her life.  She didn't even let a little snafu on the bus to get her home get her down...she was so excited.  I hope learning is like that every day for her!!!!

And it must have worn her out because she was asleep in under three minutes after I shut the light off. 

As always, I am so glad we are in this together...and that Lauren has an awesome Daddy who would drive all the way up here just to drop her off at school.  Luckiest girl ever!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Dress is Hung...

Ready or not Sioux Central Preschool.
Lauren Holm is coming to you.
Everyone knows that Lauren is ready for school.  Many have asked if I, as the Momma, am ready for Lauren to go to school.  100% for sure.  To me, this is nothing to be sad about.  This is my little girl taking a step into greatness.  I love her and I know she is more than ready for this.  She is going to learn so many things and have so many opportunities!!!  Again...I am lucky to be in this thing together with her.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Trip to the Bank

Lauren has had a piggy bank since she was born.  She got it for a gift from Aunt LouAnn.  Slowly and surely we have been filling it up since then.  Many a times have I found Lauren sitting with my wallet and putting all the coins in her bank.  Needless to say, it was finally full and VERY heavy...we had been trying to get this done all summer, but we have been so busy.
That's because there was a lot of monies in there...
We walked downtown to the bank (because we are getting a break from the 100 degree weather) and Mrs. Drzycimski helped with the machine to sort the money.

And then Lauren got her "money book" and, of course, a sucker.

I love being in this together with her.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Trip to the Dentist

I totally forgot to post these...better late than never, I guess.

On July 10, Lauren went to visit Dr. Sailor for the first time.  I had an appointment, too, so Cole went with us to help out.  I went into my appointment first, leaving Cole and Lauren to play in the waiting room.  I was in the very first room, so I could hear them talking and giggling the whole time.  When I got done with my cleaning, they sent me across the hall and this is what I saw...
The hygenist had already been in and her cleaning was already done.  All that was left was for Dr. Sailor to come in and count her teeth...she even did it in German.
Her teeth were awesome (as for me, I had to go back to get a filling) and we will go back again in six months.  Then, there was a trip to Bon Bon, of course.

Another day of being in it together.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Big 0h-4

The day started out with a big girl running into her mommy's room saying, "It finally my birfday!!!"  When we got ready to head out for the day, she looked like this...
After a quick trip to Christy's, she came out looking 4 years older instead of like a 4 year old.
Daddy came and we went out to lunch and to the movie "Brave".  After that we stopped at the grocery store to pick up the cake and supplies for the party.  We also had to stop for some ice cream!!!  Then, there was a great party at Mommy Juju's...with cake and more ice cream...
And the best part is that we are in it together.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

On the Last Night of Three

On the last night of three, Lauren......went swimming with her cousin, Bubby.
...watched Curious George with her cousin, Ody.
...hung out with Hampa and Grammy.
...let Mommy comb her 'Punzel hair one last time.
...cuddled her Mommy Juju.
...asked her Mommy to lay in bed and watch "Annie" with her.

On the last night of three, Mommy sat down to think about the last year.  I remembered the things I wondered about on the last night of two, so I looked back at last year's blog to find...
…I wonder if she’ll be going pee pee on the potty full time. Yes, I know this will happen, but it seems like a long way off as we are in the potty training trenches.  I AM HAPPY TO REPORT THAT THIS HAPPENED AROUND CHRISTMAS TIME THANKS TO HERMAN THE ELF.
…I wonder if she will know all the letters of the alphabet. She already knows m, d, c, j, r, g and l.  I AM ALSO HAPPY TO REPORT THAT SHE IS ALMOST THERE ON THIS ONE...AND IS WAY PAST SINGING THE ABC SONG.  ALTHOUGH THERE DOES HAPPEN TO BE A LOT OF B'S IN HER ALPHABET.
…I wonder if her counting pattern will change from, “one, two, tree, pive, beleven” I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THIS.  SHE IS A MASTER COUNTER.
…I wonder if she’ll still dip her hot dogs in ranch. My guess is yes.  THANKFULLY, NO SHE DOESN'T.

…I wonder if she’ll still tickle the phone when she is talking to her daddy.  THANKFULLY, SHE STILL DOES.

…I wonder if she’ll still call my dad “Hampa”.  NOPE - HE IS FULL ON GRANDPA NOW.   SHE EVEN CORRECTS ME WHEN I CALL HIM HAMPA.

…I wonder if we’ll still share a bowl of Lucky Charms on weekend mornings.  YES WE DO.


…I wonder if she will still want to watch Wow Wow Wubbsy every night before she goes to bed.  THANKFULLY WO WO HAS THANKFULLY BEEN REPLACED BY THE OCTONAUTS AND ANNIE!!!

…I wonder if she’ll ever pick up the toy room by herself.  WE ARE BOTH WORKING ON THIS ONE AS IT WAS ONE OF MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS.
…I wonder if she’ll ever add the word “with” to her sentences, although I love to hear “Mommy, I lay you?” when she comes in my room in the morning.  HER SPEECH IS AMAZING.  IN FACT, WHEN I RECENTLY FILLED OUT HER PRESCHOOL SURVEY, ONE OF THE QUESTIONS WAS "IS YOUR CHILD'S SPEECH SIMILAR TO SAME AGED PEERS?"  I CHECKED "NO".  IN MY EXPLANATION I SAID, I BELIEVE HER SPEECH IS BEYOND THAT OF HER SAME AGED PEERS.

…I wonder when she will stop thinking she is being sneaky when she takes my pop can and drinks it “all gone” when it was already empty.  SHE NOW ASKS FOR HER OWN...WHICH SHE DOESN'T GET HARDLY EVER.
…I wonder when she will sleep later than me.  YESTERDAY, JUNE 18, 2012 - SHE DID.  I WOKE UP AT 8:22 AND SHE WOKE UP AT 8:42.  GOTTA LOVE SUMMER!!!

…I wonder if she can get any cuter.  YES, SHE CAN.

…I wonder if I can love her any more.  YES, I CAN.
I wonder a lot, but I know one thing...we have each other and we are in this together.  Stay tuned for the picture tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Last night, Lauren and I read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" before bedtime, so naturally Lauren woke up this morning asking if we  could make cookies.  I said, "Sure.  Why not."  Being Lauren, she had to do it in style...which means dressing up!!!
...and she went to the grocery store like this because we needed supplies.

She busied herself measuring out the shortening while I put in the other ingredients.  Then it came time for the important part...using the mixer.  We don't have a fancy Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.  We have a mother/daughter team.

 Then came the best part...
We only have two days left of being three and we are making the most of it.  Together.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Reason We Have Doors

Any guesses what is behind this door?

If you guessed...
...the blown up toyroom - you are CORRECT!!!!
This is the major reason that I am thankful that we have a dedicated toyroom and even more thankful that it has a door.

Now take a guess what we are doing before naptime this afternoon...

...but we are in it together.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A few weeks ago...

...Lauren was playing in the rain.  She loves, loves, loves to go out and fill in the mud puddles with the sand from her sand box.  It has been a really busy spring and we haven't posted much, but school gets over this week and then we will be turned loose on summer!  We have lots and lots of plans for summer and we will be sharing them with everyone.  But, for is playing in the rain.

I am so glad that this girl and I are in it together!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From 0 to 10

Never has going from zero to ten made such a difference in my life.  The zero on the right (and yes, the OCD in me is now wishing they were on the left...just for the linearness of it) was purchased by Lauren's Mommy Juju in the early fall of 2008.  The tens on the right were purchased by me in February of 2012...because Mommy Juju bought the sparkly ones.  I cannot even adequately express how this picture sums up her "bigness"...but even at the same time, I cannot beleive that my whole world exists in something that fits in either of those shoes.

No matter what, though, we are in it together.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snow Day!!!

We had a snow day today!!! Lauren and Lexi went outside to spend a little time together..
She even got to spend some time on the slide and the swing set.

And, yes, that's my girl making her snow angel face down!!!
So glad that we are in this together!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

TA!!! DA!!!!

Last weekend, I started another surprise transformation for Lauren.  It started with an old dresser from my bedroom at mom and dad's.  My dad cut out all of the drawer ledges and stuff.  Then, it was my turn.  I started with...
After a miss with the first color, a few trips to Spencer for various supplies and couple of burnt finger tips turned out pretty cute.

The important thing is I think she liked it.

Most of the time I am the one that considers myself the lucky one...but in this case, I think she should consider herself luck that we are in this one together.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The 42 Month Version those of you that are mathematically challenged, that would mean that baby girl is three and a half years old today.  She came into this world in a stubborn, stubborm way.  The NICU doctors described her as the most easygoing and laid back baby they had ever seen.  Ever since then she has been that way.  To this very day, she is the easiest to get a long with.  She can go with the flow.  She is so adaptable.  She is my little love.  I couldn't imagine my life with out her.  We are in this together for many, many, many more of these to come.

PS - for those of you who don't know, I have took a picture of her in this chair every month on her birthday for the first year of her life.  Since then, we have marked the half and regular birthday with the tradition.  To see the entire progression of her growth, visit the album on my Facebook page.