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Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

I don't know who had been waiting for this day longer...Lauren or Mommy and Daddy.  Lauren had been talking about going to school for over a year.  Mommy and Daddy had been wanting it for her for at least that long.  She was more than ready...physically and mentally.  There were no tears or fears - on either side.  We had to slow her down on the way in so we could get some pictures.  Then, she went in and sat down and started threading some beads like she had done this every day of her life.  She didn't even let a little snafu on the bus to get her home get her down...she was so excited.  I hope learning is like that every day for her!!!!

And it must have worn her out because she was asleep in under three minutes after I shut the light off. 

As always, I am so glad we are in this together...and that Lauren has an awesome Daddy who would drive all the way up here just to drop her off at school.  Luckiest girl ever!!!

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